historypageMcAleer’s is the oldest family owned and operated pub on the Upper West Side. McAleer’s was formed in 1953 by John and Frank McAleer. John and Frank were first cousins from Pomeroy, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland.

New York City in 1953 saw a lot of firsts, like the first time subway tokens were used, the first time passenger helicopter service was offered, and the first premiere of a 3-D movie.  In the rest of the country there was the first Milton Berle show,  the first TV Guide, and Swanson’s first TV Dinner.

Since the formation of McAleer’s in 1953 the neighborhood has seen many changes. The 1950s and early 1960s was a great time for Pubs and taverns alike. However, during the late 1960s and through the 1970s the Upper west side was inundated with drugs and prostitution. Nonetheless, through hard work and perseverance McAleer’s Pub was able to survive into the next generation.

In 1988, Keith McAleer (John’s son) took over management control of the family business and reintroduced great Pub fare to offer the newly gentrified Upper West Side.

In 1994, McAleer’s was named one of the top ten places to meet people in New York according to a poll conducted by the New York Post. In addition, McAleer’s has been featured in the television series N.Y.P.D. Blue as the squad’s local watering hole as well as other television and movie productions.

The famous mystery writer Dorian Yeager also used McAleer’s as her heroine Vic Bowering’s base of operations throughout her numerous mystery solving escapades.

McAleer’s has and always will maintain the integrity of a local Irish Pub while adapting to changes in the consumers taste. So, please come in and relax, order a pint of your favorite draught, enjoy some great food and conversation.